Modified Camry

June 30th, 2016

Go Fast have Fun Camry

Now calling the title “Modified Camry” might be stretching it a bit. But at the same time, who goes out and modifies a 1993 Camry?! This guy!!! Well it’s my Dad’s and a few years ago I was driving the Camry daily and I got so board of it, I started modifying it a little. Real basic stuff. The intake there’s a K&N panel filter and throttle body spacer (don’t know if the spacer does anything but it looks cool). For exhaust most of the stock piping was reused and some Magnaflows were put in for better flow. The exhaust sounds good at high rpm but putters down low. NGK plugs and NGK wires are used for the ignition system and a generic oil catch can was installed Strut tower brace was installed up front to stiffen it up a bit and it has some polished after market wheels.

Gofasthavefun Camry

The electrical portion of the car is where there is a decent amount of effort. The purpose of this car is to show that you can put together a very good overall performing sound system without spending a ton of money. Under the hood there’s an Optima Red Top (the Red Top is better for daily driver applications) and the Big 3 upgrade, upgrading all the wires from the alternator and the grounds from the battery, motor and chassis. The car has all Alpine Electronics gear, double din screen for the head unit, a 5 channel amp under the seat, 4 coaxial speakers all the way around with lots of sound deadening and a custom enclosure in the trunk housing a 10 inch standard sub that doesn’t take up that much room. What you get after is a practical sound system that pretty much beats any factory “premium system”.

-Anthony Jarantilla

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